The world has experienced a lot of natural disasters the likes of superstorms, severe wildfires, serious droughts, floods, famine, crop failure and mass migrations, to mention but a few. As a result, more violence and conflicts is being witnessed between people. If these issues are not acted upon to change the laws and systems towards climate justice soon, the world is headed for catastrophe.

It is perceived that the current economic system is designed in a way that it is stimulating the climate crisis that the world is currently experiencing. It is also the same system that prevents activists or anyone else for that matter to take any necessary actions to avert the situation.

In this article from Andrew Charalambous, some issues are discused.


Different organizations and activists are coming up with campaigns that are geared towards making a difference. Pope Francis started by releasing Laudato Si, an encyclical that encourages people to think of those that are mostly affected by the climate disruptions without having a part to play on it; mostly the poor. More and more people are encouraged to act on reducing the incumbent carbon footprints.

As the encyclical states, humans are not God, and all of them knew this at least until 400 years ago. This is when changing scientific breakthroughs came around and portrayed something to some humans to the tune of them knowing everything about the earth that there was to know. They deemed themselves as the ‘masters and possessors’ of nature as professed by Rene Descartes. They also claimed that God always wanted it to be that way. However, some subsequent scientific breakthroughs have unearthed something different. As people were busy burning enormous amounts of fossil fuels, this was the time that greenhouse gasses were accumulating in the atmosphere. In turn, the heat was being trapped inexorably.

There is a fast emergence of a new climate movement based on the knowledge that if everyone doesn’t want runaway climate change, then they should change the systems. It is also considered the most audacious truths expressed in the encyclical. Similarly, since the current regime is increasing the wide spreading inequality, it is an opportunity to rise to the climate challenge to solve manifold, overlying crises simultaneously; as it is the reason behind the alliances such as faith, indigenous and green groups that are rapidly and surprisingly coming up together like trade unions.

It is not a matter of agreeing with everything, but more of understanding that the stakes are relatively high, time left is short, and the task at hand is relatively large; the differences in place certainly don’t have a chance in dividing these alliances. Last September, in New York City,  more than 400,000 people marched for climate justice under the “To Change everything, we need everyone” slogan, which simply showcased how much climate justice means to the world.


A lot of efforts are in place in trying to deal with the negative climate impacts. This has led to both individuals and organizations agreeing in unison to regulate polluters. However, if no deal that brings about emission reductions immediately exists; while at the same time creating real and practical support for the developing countries, then everything is a failure.

Bio: Environment spokesman Andrew Charalambous is also the United Kingdom Independence Party Housing spokesperson. You can find out more from his official blog at