Film photography has been in the industry for a long time now and has suddenly become the “in” thing. It is very important for a photographer to understand what it means to shoot film and have some grasp on how it should be done. You need to know the purpose, the process, as well as the equipments.

Know both the benefits and the drawbacks


photographyEase of use- Using a film camera is a lot easier compared to a digital camera. You will have no electronic focus points to real with neither will you have too many options for resolution or white balance. This is the simplest photography you can possibly do.

Cost of equipments- You will be able to get a great film system for very little in the market. The parts and accessories are also very low cost. You can be ready for a field day because since digital photography was discovered, analog was abandoned and so the equipments have become relatively low priced.

Results- This is one of the most compelling reasons to use this amazing photography studio. You get great mages that are not run through filters and even though you can, they are better that way.


Film costs– It gets very hard to find film on the local market so you are forces to ship. This means that you will have to order through catalogs or online then pat for shipping and wait for the film.

Development- When you are dealing with digital equipment, once you take all the pictures you want, you put them in a computer and process them for development. When you are dealing with film, you have to chemically process them into negatives then enlarge them to print or scan them for digital format. The costs involved in this process are quite staggering.

Inconvenience– To be able to produce high quality images, you will have to pay a high price. You will only have one available copy unless you can the negative to a computer.

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