Initially, a mattress was just a mattress; as long as it was soft and comfortable, then that was it. But with time, people are realizing that a good mattress ought to not just feel comfortable, but also help relieve any pain or pressure on the body. Memory foam mattresses and pillows are made of a special material that automatically adjusts itself to your body heat, and weight. Unlike ordinary pillows or mattresses that tend to “cave in” in the middle, and lead to back pain the next morning, memory foam provides optimal support to your entire body. People with back and joint problems are always advised use memory foam pillows


  • More often than not, neck pain occurs when the ordinary pillow you’re using is too stiff, the material too “solid” to help the neck muscles relax. Consequently, the muscles strain, and by the time you wake up the following morning, you have awful muscle aches.
  • Besides, patients who are already experiencing neck pain either as a result of injury or operation, need a special kind of pillow, not the ordinary ones made of cotton.
  • But a memory foam pillow is soft, and gently caves in to support the weight of your head, while keeping is slightly elevated in regards to the lower body; that’s what a good pillow ought to do! It will help relieve pain because it absorbs most of your body weight equally.
  • Nowadays, manufacturers and therapists are not just coming up with pillows made of memory foam; they’re using bamboo to make the outer fabric of the pillow. The end result is a bamboo memory foam pillow; very soft and comfortable.


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